Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Mojo

Hello turn to post something to get the mojo into action!!! Only this time I'm asking for a little help also. I found this jewellery stand in the shape of a dress form and thought it was just beautiful but thought it definitely needed altering. I had a major stash of Green Tara roses and thought they would be perfect wrapped around the skirt of the dress form. So I set about wrapping each individual rose around the skirt and filling in all the gaps. It's been a good way to put a major dent into my flower stash. The larger roses I found in a couple of cheap shops and the multi coloured one I altered using alcohol inks.
This is the front of the dress.......

This is the back view.....

I also sewed some ruffled trim and beaded ribbon around the bottom of the skirt to "hem" it off.
I have these Green Tara sprays that I plan on adding as wings and the feather wings I hope to put over the top of the sprays.

This is how I am hoping the sprays will sit......

The necklace below I found at a second hand shop and hope to use it around the waist with the dangle bit hanging down the back of the skirt. The beads all fit perfectly around the waist and I would just cut off the excess chain.

The pink flower trim is going to go around the top of the skirt to cover the chain from the necklace and to cover the join between the skirt and the top that I have to make. The flower trim will hopefully look like the "hem" of the top or the top "hem" of the skirt.

So my problem is....I am asking for suggestions on how to make the top. I would like to make some kind of corset for it but am not sure how to go about it. The biggest problem is the bust is about 23cm round and the waist is about 15cm round. Oh to have a shape like that....LOL!! And then I am wondering if I make the top out of paper or material......
I hope then to add a bit more decoration to the top to pretty it up a bit more.
The local rep from Green Tara came into LSS one day when I was sitting there winding roses on and said that I definitely have to send photos of it to Green Tara when I am finished.
Thanks for looking and I hope you may have found some inspiration from my creation.


  1. absolutely gorgeous Nick, love it. Ness xx

  2. Nick this is so beautiful ...i would make a little courselette top out of a nice bit of satin fabric ...stitch it by hand and bead it with pearl beads ...