Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday Mojo

Hi everyone

Ness here today to share with you a lovely little accordion tag book by K&Co, quick and easy with everything supplied, including instructions. Although I did add a few things from my own stash to be a little different.

I haven't followed the instructions completely, I have made mine more like a mini album where as K&Co have it folding out to stand on a shelf.

These make for a great gift, especially if you are in a hurry and need something quick.
There are no photos in mine as I am going to be giving this as a gift.

A couple of pics to show you what you get in these little kits.

Step 1.

Ink or paint around the edges of each wood tag

Using the adhesive paper supplied in the kit, adhere to your first chipboard tag. You will probably find that you need to use additional glue as I found the adhesive paper didn't stay stuck too well.

Step 2.

Adhere pink paper on top of background, trim and adhere your photo (if you are not using photos then just skip the photo part.

Step 3.

Add green corner and large green rose from the dimensional stickers supplied to top right corner of photo and bottom left of photo (see image below)

Step 4.

Tie ribbon through the tag hole and trim.

Step 5.

As previous tag take your next adhesive paper and adhere to the 2nd chipboard tag.

Step 6.

Using craft glue, adhere the pocket to the bottom of the 2nd tag by running a thin strip of glue on the sides and the bottom of the pocket.

Step 7.

Adhere shape at top of tag covering the hold (Optional: tiny brads may be used to decorate however these are not included in the kit).

Step 8.

Adhere decorative doilie at top right side of tag (as shown in the image).

Step 9.

Tie string through each button and trim. Glue on top of pocket as shown.

Step 10.

If adding a photo you could trim the photo with pinking shears to get a nice decorative edge, slip into the pocket on an angle. As mine doesn't have a photo I have used some paper in place ready for a photo to be mounted in place. I have also added a lace flower from my stash to the top right overlapping the doilie.

Step 11.

As you have done for each of the other chipboard tags, adhere your adhesive paper to the 3rd tag.

Step 12.

Using craft glue adhere the pocket to the bottom of the third tag by running a thin strip of glue on the sides and the bottom of the pocket.

Step 13.

Adhere "Remember" dimensional sticker on top of pocket.

Step 14.

Tie string through button and glue to the top of the tag.

Step 15.

Tie ribbon to the top of the die cut tag as shown, slide both tags into pocket.

Step 16.

Adhere your next paper to your chipboard tag. Using a piece of paper cut down to size, adhere dimensional stickers to hole at top of tag, corner and small rose ash shown below.

Step 17.

The final chipboard tag. Cover as per the previous tags, I have torn a sfew pieces for something a little diferent. Adhere 2 tags, here I have added from my stash another sticker to the base of one tag. Adhere another small dimensional rose to the top of the tag.

I have added additional papers and sticker to this kit, covered all the backs of the tags to make it more like a mini album. If you wanted to have it stand on a shelf and not a mini album then you could just paint the back and you wouldn't need to add anything additional to this kit.

Here is a photo of the Accordion Tag complete

laying flat on the table - front of album

back of album


Isn't this such a pretty album? so quick and easy to put together, fabulous present for anyone!! maybe even Mother's Day, which is coming up fast.

Have a terrific week.

Ness xx


  1. What a great little album. Very pretty indeed!

  2. Ness thats so beautiful thanks for sharing this with us ...xxxx

  3. awesome album Ness.. the recipient will love it it's a super gift idea .. luv X:)