Monday, April 11, 2011

Mojo Monday.

Hi everyone its kerry here, welcome to mojo monday and to my very first post!!! I am a little bit nervous and excited.

I thought i would do a post on making some very simple banners. Banners have been around for a little while now and can be a very effective embellishment to your page, card or OTP. As well they can be something to add to both boys and girl pages, which is great as i tend to struggle with boy embellishments.

I am showing you how to do these today with an old dictionary. I have a pile of these triangles all ready cut on my desk, so its quick and easy to whip one up. You could also do these with patterned paper, which would be a great way to use up your scraps.

Firstly, cut a strip of paper. I cut mine 1 inch wide. Obviously cut it bigger or smaller depending on what size you would like. I just cut my triangles freehand!! Thats just me, i never measure anything.

I have also for this sample cut two different shapes, and i always ink around the edges, to make them stand out.

Then grab a piece of twine and a stapler, and staple them on. No need for tape or glue. Just make sure that your twine is sitting in the little indent in your stapler and you wont miss.

And here is your finished product!! Very easy.

And here it is on this layout. Again i just stapled it on the layout.

Just a little tip that i was told recently by my friend ali, is that if you only have a normal stapler like me, and it dosent reach far into your layout, open your stapler up and put a piece of foam under your layout and staple away. I use an eraser instead of foam though, then turn your layout over and push the sides of your staple down!!

Well i hope you enjoyed mojo monday this week!!

Kerry xx


  1. Great tutorial Kerry. The banner looks fab on your layout! I have an old dictionary waiting to be cut up. I've been eyeing it off for a while ;-)

  2. love it kerry thanks for showing us how to make these little banners

  3. very groovy ..thanks for the share ...what a great way to use up your scraps of pp =)

  4. Awesome Kerry. Love the shape of your banner pieces and the finished product is gorgeous (as I had already mentioned on your blog). See you Friday.

  5. Great tip, loads of dictionaries in my house to be used up :)

  6. Great tutorial there Kerry. Your banner looked awesome on your layout. :)

  7. Love this tutorial!!! I've not tried adding banners to my pages.....but I will now!! Gorgeous Layout!!!